“Taking AI to the next step”: Q & A with Arsen Muhumuza

Arsen Muhumuza became involved in AI and health through his participation in a 2017 hackathon that helped him generate ideas for how to leverage technology to address health challenges. Since then, Arsen has helped organize multiple events with the goal of convening a range of stakeholders and innovators to develop surgical solutions using technology. In this interview he shares his thoughts on institutional collaboration and the path toward ethical AI innovation in Africa.

“People have the wrong perception about AI”: Q & A with Richard Kimera

After a spending some time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mbarara University's Richard Kimera is teaching data science, working on AI for health innovations, and chairing the Innovation Summit for Africa. In this interview, he shares his latest health AI work on detecting cancer re-occurences sooner than currently possible, explains his hope for better recognition of the role research can play in solving African health problems, and advocates for more collaboration among data scientists and healthcare workers.

Establishing an AI and Data Science Ecosystem: an Academic Institution’s Perspective

The Mbarara University of Science and Technology's proposed ecosystem envisions academic institutions building programs through research teams and establishment of well-structured data centers. Partnerships with government, private organizations, development partners, and industry could produce funding, job creation, research collaborations, specialized consultancies, and mentorships. It would also foster a generation of data science experts.

Rise of AI in Healthcare Raises Important Questions About Safety, Liability and Privacy

By Megan Diamond, Program Manager, HGHI Caller: ‘Hi, I would like to reserve a table for Wednesday, the 7th’ Hostess: ‘For 7 people?’ Caller: ‘Um, it’s for 4 people’ Hostess: ‘4 people.. when? Today? Tonight?’ Caller: ‘Wednesday, at 6pm’ After playing a one-minute audio clip of a restaurant reservation call during a recent seminar at the … Continue reading Rise of AI in Healthcare Raises Important Questions About Safety, Liability and Privacy