Dorah Peter Ndazi

Project Lead

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dorah Peter Ndazi uses tech innovation to collaborate with CEOs, executives and social entrepreneurs in spreading awareness about the various social challenges facing Tanzanian communities. Her Social Impact Health ChatBot, eShangazi, focuses on educating youths and their surrounding communities on sexual and reproductive health. Peter’s other projects include a gender-based violence chatbot (SDG 5), a water and sanitation chatbot (SDG 6), and a legal rights chatbot (SDG 16). She has been a guest speaker at various ICT/Innovation events such as launch of AMUA 2.0, the MUHAS symposium debate on A.I for good, and the UNICEF ESARO annual conference. Peter also volunteers at various workshops, seminars and trainings that directly serve vulnerable populations such as teenage girls.

Peter holds a first class honors Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (Bsc.MIS) from Kampala International University-Dar es Salaam Campus and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Information Systems Management (Msc.ISM) at the University of Dar es Salaam.

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