Franck Verzefé

Founder & CEO

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Founder and CEO of TrueSpec-Africa, Franck Verzefé, has a passion for nanotechnology and bioinformatics. TrueSpec is a portable device that uses artificial intelligence to allow hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories, and quality control centers to determine if a drug is genuine in less than 20 seconds anywhere in the world. Verzefé studied biochemistry at Dschang University in Cameroon and is now a doctoral student in pharmaceutical science at the University of Lubumbashi in DRC. As part of his relentless struggle to stop deaths from poor-quality medication, Verzefé has researched various means of false medicine in four countries: Cameroon, Democratic Republic The Congo, Nigeria, and Ivory Coast. For this work, Verzefé was recognized by WHO as one of 30 innovators in Africa.