Franck Verzefé

Founder & CEO

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Franck Verzefé is a African scientist with a passion for nanotechnology and bioinformatics. He is the inventor of TrueSpec, a portable device that uses artificial intelligence called RAI (Real Active Ingredients) to allow hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories and quality control centers to determine if a drug is genuine in less than 20 seconds by analyzing the chemical composition of drugs. Verzefé is also a part of the UN/ITU and WHO focus group of artificial intelligence for health. He is responsible for developing the global standard, benchmarks, regulations, and policies for AI pharmaceutical solutions against falsified drugs. Today, Verzefé leads True-Spec Africa, a tech start-up aiming to develop new low-cost technologies and easily replicable solutions to African socio-economic realities.

Verzefé has been distinguished by several awards including being named among the top 5 African social entrepreneurs in 2017 by the African Youth Award, ranked by the African Entrepreneurship Award as a top 50 African entrepreneur, named by TedX Johanesburg as part of the top 100 innovators of the 100th millennium, and being ranked by the WHO as among the top 30 African innovators.