Mahadia Tunga

Co-Founder & Director of Capacity Development

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mahadia Tunga is trained as a computer scientist with specialization in data science. Tunga has a keen interest in strengthening the data ecosystem in Tanzania and Africa through capacity development. She has vast experience in managing capacity development projects as well as gender-based and youth-engagement programs, with special interest in assisting young women.

Tunga has delivered strategic consulting for both public and private health programs focused on machine learning, open data, data innovation, visualization, and analysis. Her consulting services have been sought out by many organizations including Cambridge Education, Irex, World Bank, and African Monitor. Tunga has also trained over 2000 individuals and 50 organisations in Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, Cairo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Somalia, Djibouti, etc.

As an academic at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tunga has contributed to the development of the first ever MSc Data Science Curriculum in East Africa, which officially launched in November 2018. Tunga is driven by a desire to impact lives—especially those of young women—through training, skills enhancement and knowledge development.

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