Call For Posters Now Open

Do you work in the emerging health data science and AI field? Present your project, research, innovation or program during our poster sessions at DASH in Africa, and connect with others working on similar questions!

Registered DASH participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for a poster that showcases their work. Selected posters will be displayed throughout the two-day event.

Poster Session Details:

1. Abstracts should focus on health data science and artificial intelligence in Africa.  Data or concepts published or presented at other meetings are welcome.

2. Abstracts must be submitted through the form below by midnight GMT, SUNDAY, February 16th, 2020.

3. Notifications about accepted/rejected posters will be sent by February 21, 2020.

4. Presenters of accepted abstracts will be provided poster templates. All posters must be in landscape orientation.

5. Final posters must be submitted to the organizers by March 1, 2020.

6. Posters will be printed and brought to the conference site by the event organizers. Presenters do NOT need to print their posters.

7. Presenters will be assigned specific times to be with their posters, so those interested know when and where to find them.

Application Instructions:

Abstracts can not exceed 1-page single spaced and should be structured in the following manner:

1. Presenter name, credentials, and institution
2. Abstract Title
3. Background: Including the hypothesis, research question, problem to be addressed or program that is presented
4. Methods: Details about the study design and methods or about the program/project
5. Results: A summary of the major findings, impact or goals
6. Conclusion: A summary of the findings and how they relate to the bigger picture

Ready to submit your abstract? Just fill out the form below and send it to us!

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